Standing Up for Small Business Owners

October 24, 2017

Today, MP Viersen rose to share in the House of Commons one of the many real life stories he has received from constituents upset with how the planned Liberal tax hike will hurt their small business or family farms. 

 MP Viersen’s statement highlighted a post made on Facebook on September 22, 2017 by Ali Mouallem, a constituent and a member of the executive of the Slave Lake & District Chamber of Commerce. (Original post here:

“Hard working Canadians like Ali’s parents should not be the target of a Liberal Government with a spending problem,” says MP Viersen. “Sadly, their experience is one I have heard far too often across our riding.”

Text of today’s statement in the House of Commons: 

Mr. Speaker,

 Recently Ali Mouallem, a constituent from Slave Lake Alberta, whose parents immigrated to Canada, shared his frustration about the Liberal tax hikes. He writes:

 My dad was 55 years old before he started writing cheques to himself.

 Before that, he struggled as an entrepreneur. He paid the government, the bank, his landlord, the utilities, his suppliers, his staff but he rarely paid himself.

 When there wasn't enough money left at the end of the month to pay his staff, he and my mother picked up more shifts.

 My parents sacrificed everything in their life. Their family, their money, their time, their health, their house, and their relationships for a better future.

 Our lives changed when we opened a small pizza place 15 years ago. Finally, they were able to pay themselves and even put some money away to reinvest in our community. My parents finally had a retirement plan.

 Now, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals want to penalize my parents for their life's work. [He] even accuses them of taking advantage of tax loopholes.

 This doesn't sound fair to me.

 Mr. Speaker, there is nothing FAIR about Liberal ‘Fair’ Tax Proposal.


Ali Mouallem’s parents operate Alimo's Pizzeria in Slave Lake and have invested in their Slave Lake community. Ali Mouallem was also recently elected as a school board trustee for the High Prairie School Division Slave Lake ward.

 Video of the statement is available online at:


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To contact Ali Mouallem:

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