Conservatives Committed to Protecting Freedom of Personal Beliefs

April 12, 2018

As you may be aware, our Conservative Party has been making every effort to combat the new “values test” that the Trudeau Liberals have attached to the 2018 Canada Summer Jobs funding application. We recognize that this policy isn’t about the activities or services an organization is engaged in; it’s about targeting the personal beliefs of the individuals who run those organizations.

In March, Conservative MP Karen Vecchio sponsored the Canada Summer Jobs motion that stated:

<That, in the opinion of the House, organizations that engage in non-political non-activist work, such as feeding the homeless, helping refugees, and giving kids an opportunity to go to camp, should be able to access Canada Summer Jobs funding regardless of their private convictions and regardless of whether or not they choose to sign the application attestation.>

I supported this motion and voted yes when it came up for a vote in the House of Commons. I believe that the Liberals’ application attestation is unconstitutional. Furthermore, it is unethical for the Liberals to force organizations to sign it in order to receive funding.

Conservatives are concerned that Justin Trudeau will apply his values test to Canadians receiving other services, including organizations that receive charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency. The Liberals have already denied over 1500 applications from organizations that have refused to sign their values test. This means that many students will be out of jobs this summer, and the organizations that were denied may not be able to provide services for people in need.

We are continuing to fight the Liberals’ discriminatory stance and will continue to advocate for freedom of personal beliefs and freedom of conscience. Conservative MP Harold Albrecht sponsored an E-Petition in opposition to this new “values test.” If you wish to sign it, the petitionis found here:

Justin Trudeau’s values test has no place in a tolerant, multicultural society such as Canada.I encourage you to pass this information on to others interested in continuing this fight.


Arnold Viersen, MP

Peace River–Westlock