Liberal Tax Changes: A Man-Made Disaster

October 06, 2017

The Liberals’ proposed tax changes are alarming to small businesses and families across Canada. I have heard from many individuals, agricultural producers, and business owners in my riding. All are troubled by the proposed changes and fear that the impact of the changes will drastically impede their ability to keep their operations viable.

The Liberals have characterized small business owners and farmers as tax cheats, but nothing could be further from the truth. Small businesses form the backbone of the Canadian economy. Our wellbeing as a nation depends on their strength. They provide employment, fill local market niches, support regional initiatives, and contribute significant sums of taxation to all three levels of government: municipal, provincial, and federal.

It’s clear the Liberals do not have an income problem, they have a spending problem. By 2045, debt projections based on the Liberals’ unsustainable budget will reach $1.5 trillion. Their policies have created a disastrous deficit and they do not have a clear idea as to how to reduce that debt other than by increasing the taxes of the thousands of businesses that make up the Canadian economy. The Liberal budget puts the deficit for 2017-18 at $28.5 billion and shows us running deficits into the foreseeable future.                    

To raise money, they are going after the middle class. In Budget 2017 alone, the Liberals raised taxes on beer and wine, donated medicines, child care, small business owners, oil & gas companies, and tourism. They cancelled tax credits for families, clawed back Tax-Free Savings Accounts, introduced a CPP tax hike and proposed a national carbon tax that will cost the average family $2,500 per year.

This Liberal Government does not understand the fact that earned money belongs to individuals and is not an entitlement of the government.  A fair tax system should not penalize people for making money. Unfair taxes reduce profits, discourage innovation, and slow growth, which results in lost jobs, fewer working hours, and reduced health benefits. It punishes the honest, hardworking individuals who have invested their time and money into the very businesses that helps Canada thrive. Small businesses need to be free to generate income, which is the incentive that spurs them to expand their services, which in turn creates jobs.

My colleagues and I are currently working together on a strategy that will put a halt to these detrimental tax changes. We are committed to supporting policies that reduce the tax burden for local businesses and reduce government red tape.

In the next few weeks, the Liberals will be tabling their legislation to implement these tax changes. I would urge all small business owners affected to write to the Minister of Finance and explain how the Liberal tax hikes will hurt their businesses and communities.


Arnold Viersen, MP

Peace River – Westlock

Deputy Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science and Economic Development


Comments from Constituents 

“I kept people employed through slow times so they could support their families while I went into the hole. With the upcoming tax changes, I would be tempted to just lay off people and not have any employees.”

Business Owner, Peace River – Westlock


“If the proposed changes are implemented unamended, and especially if more corporate tax increases come in future years, I will need to seriously consider relocating outside of Canada to a more favourable jurisdiction if I wish to remain a business owner in my profession.”

Engineer, Peace River – Westlock


“My company employs three people and supports six people. Entrepreneurship and hard work should be encouraged and rewarded by government, not vilified and punished. Small business owners take major risks in starting and running their businesses, and in keeping people employed through periods of economic instability.”

Business Owner, Peace River – Westlock


“We don't have benefits, we likely won't ever claim CPP, we don't claim EI or disability. Our risks are higher and our benefits from the government are fewer. It is not fair for the government to take more from us than the average Canadian and offer less.”

Business Owner, Peace River – Westlock


“Legislation of this kind is going to put Canada's small farmer out of business. The government is almost forcing the sale of family farms to multinational corporations and once they are in charge, the consumer will be at their mercy.”

Farmer, Peace River – Westlock


“The proposed legislation will do more than increase tax payable by high-income individuals; it will strangle the life-blood of the Canadian economy – small and medium businesses.” 

Lawyer, Peace River – Westlock


“The proposed changes are attacking mostly average working Canadians. These measures do not focus on a threshold of income. They focus on certain types of corporations (professionals) and any other small business that happens to have a surplus of cash. How can a small business save money effectively to make a large investment if they are taxed at the highest rate while the funds are waiting to be deployed?”

Accountant, Peace River – Westlock


“Mr Trudeau really does not have any idea of how hard regular Canadians have to work. The only break from work that my husband and I have had in 41 years of marriage and operating a small business was on our 40th anniversary; we went to Jasper for 3 days. We work hard and have reinvested our merger profits back into the business.”

Business Owner, Peace River – Westlock


“We live modest, hardworking lives while we invest in the future. The proposed changes will threaten the viability of our business. There will be massive consequences to our family and business when the time comes for succession to the next generation and the farm our family has worked so hard to build will be in serious jeopardy.”

Farmer, Peace River – Westlock