MP Viersen Co-Signs Bill C-206 to Exempt Farmers from Liberal Carbon Tax

April 06, 2020

Ottawa ON – This week, Arnold Viersen, MP for Peace River Westlock, added his name as a joint seconder of Bill C-206, An Act to amend the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act (qualifying farming fuel).

 This legislation was introduced last month by Conservative MP Philip Lawrence and will be coming up for debate later this spring. Bill C-206 will exempt qualifying farmers from paying the Liberal Carbon Tax on gasoline, diesel fuel, propane and natural gas, saving them tens of thousands of dollars a year on necessary farming procedures.

“Over the past few years, farm families in Peace River – Westlock have been burdened by trade disruptions, global pricing instability and extremely wet conditions.  Now, as of January 1, the Liberal Carbon Tax increases the already high cost of drying crops and cuts into farmers’ net income by over 12%. That means tens of thousands of dollars taken out of our rural communities.”

“By changing a few words in the legislation, Bill C-206 can save our farmers millions of dollars and keep this money in our local economies. This spring I will work with my colleague, MP Lawrence, to get Bill C-206 through Parliament and into law,” said MP Viersen.

“This legislative change is required to ensure the long-term sustainability of the family farm, and we sincerely hope this legislation will receive support from across Party lines.” - Grain Growers of Canada


Text of Bill C-206