MP Viersen Speaks at Canadian Pipelines Rally

January 29, 2019

Arnold Viersen, Member of Parliament for Peace River–Westlock, recently spoke at the Support Canadian Pipelines Rally in Slave Lake.

MP Viersen contrasted Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approach that hamstrings hardworking Albertans and an Andrew Scheer-led Conservative government that would axe the carbon tax, reduce red-tape, and fight against job-killing bureaucratic regulations.

“We are here today to tell Justin Trudeau that we want our country back. We are tired of Justin pushing his globalist agenda and want him to govern for Canadians. In Northern Alberta, we just want to do our jobs and we expect the government to do theirs.

“We rally today to tell the Government that our farmers, our loggers, and our oilpatch workers are being hamstrung by the carbon tax. The carbon tax is not an environmental policy; it is only a cash grab. It only makes life more expensive for everyone.

“In the next election, we have the opportunity to elect a government that wants to build a nation, that wants to free its people to be all that they can be. We can get a government that protects Canada for Canadians, not from Canadians; a Prime Minister that doesn’t believe Alberta needs Ottawa, but that Ottawa needs Alberta.”