New Deal Avoids Chaos But At What Cost?

October 03, 2018

On Monday, many Canadians were relieved when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). However this agreement will not improve life for Canadians by any measure.


While this new trade deal is not a win for Peace River – Westlock, there is short term stability in USMCA that puts our industries in a predictable position. Long term investment will continue to be hard to attract,” says MP Arnold Viersen.


“Following a summer of failures, Justin Trudeau has failed to secure a deal that improves our relationship with the United States. Most importantly, he has failed to secure a deal that benefits Canadian workers and their families.


Under this deal, Trudeau failed to secure tariff-free access for steel, aluminum, and softwood, with no timeline or plan for lifting them. Our logging industry is forced to continue waiting on the sidelines.


“The Prime Minister has also failed to end Buy American provisions, shutting out Canadian companies from bidding on American government contracts.


“I am also concerned about the impact of the deal on rural healthcare. The Liberals conceded on pharmaceuticals which will lead to higher prices on common medicines Canadians rely on. Rural healthcare is already struggling as it is.


“Trudeau has made unprecedented concessions to the United States without securing measurable gains for the industries that are the economic engines in our rural communities.”